Peter Langman | Privacy

Peter Langman Photography takes your privacy very seriously and will only  collect and use the personal data you provide to administer your account and deliver the services you request from us.

The data protection legislation is changing and from May 25th 2018 there will be be a new Data Protection Act, implementing the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It will give you greater powers to protect your own privacy, and place greater responsibility on those processing your data for any purpose. 

Data protection legislation sets out when we are lawfully allowed to process your data, known as ‘lawful basis’. The lawful basis that applies in this case is that you have given us your clear consent for us to process your personal data and that collecting the data is necessary in order for us to deliver the service you require.  

Your photographs are considered personal data, but it would be impossible to deliver our service without collecting and processing that particular personal data.

Your personal data will be stored on a password protected PC which only the photographer and administrator can access, and an ipad accessible only by the photographer by way of finger print recognition. 

Photography is a visual industry and whilst we all love to share our images and they are  an integral part of our marketing strategy, we recognise that not everyone wants to, or is able to, share their images publicly.  For that reason we will not share your images without your explicit written consent.

All clients will be given the option to have their images shared; share only images with no people in; share only on specified platforms; or not to share at all.

Any sharing consent can be changed or rescinded at any time by writing to me at

If you are unhappy at any point, or for independent advice about data protection, privacy and data sharing, you can contact